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You've heard of the internationally famous Olympic Laser class dinghy?

It was designed by renowned US sailor and yacht designer Bruce Kirby - and so was the Radio Controlled Laser. In fact the RC Laser is a true quarter scale model of the Laser dinghy with necessary modifications, such as the keel, to assure model performance.

All RC Lasers have identical durable polyethylene hulls, keel, rudders, carbon masts and mylar sails and, apart from individual sail and equipment settings, the yacht’s performance and sailing is entirely due to the skipper’s skills – not how much money he has to spend on the boat. With four quickly interchangable sails the boats can be sailed in breezes up to about 30 knots....

RC Lasers are sailed in over a dozen countries and Perth has a growing core of keen RC Laser sailors who enjoy the sailing performance and the strictly one-design aspect of the boats, the comparative minimal cost, and the very close racing.

There is no boat building - when it arrives in the special bag you can put the batteries in the transmitter and boat and head for the water to sail straight away !

Weight 4 Kgs
Sail area A rig 0.61 m2
Sail area B rig 0.46 m2
Sail area C rig 0.39 m2