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It wasn't an easy day at Champion Lakes today. The temperature climbed into the high 30's, the wind was from a very tricky quarter and the competition was fierce. By the end of racing, everyone was really tired - physically and mentally.

Unfortunately, there were only 8 boats front up today. PRO Fred Webber was faced with a really difficult day in which to set a course. The wind started out in the north, and dialled around to the north-west, then to the west, then gradually towards WSW as the afternoon progressed. At Champion Lakes, this quadrant means that the wind is blowing offshore, making setting a start line almost impossible.

The courses were a testament to the local knowlege of Roger and Rosco. They managed to have us start upwind all day - not an easy task. There were a number of heavily biased port end starts, and getting off the line into a good position wasn't a piece of cake!

To make matters more complicated, the wind blew at really different strengths all day. Early, most skippers were sailing with A rigs. Pretty soon, everyone changed down to B rigs, even though the forecast was for the wind to abate. Not to be - back into B rigs and a few trying their C rigs as well. Those with B+ rigs gave them a run easry too. Most skippers changed rigs about three times.

Rob Mews and John Goor started the day wth a bang. The NRW was carrying it's A rig really well and the Aero was showing a quickstep to us all. However, it wasn't long before Glenn Dawson's Diamond found it's feet, and started to reel off a number of heat wins. This set the tone for the day, with Roger Paul and Glenn battling out the lead, and Rob and John peppering away just waiting to pounce on any mistakes.

From time to time, Ian Sherrif had the Prizm flying upwind, but he was suffering a bit off the wind. Len White battled on all day, until an unfortunate breakage put an end to his run. Len didn't bother the podium, but hs persistance resulted in a gradual improvement as the day progressed. Certainly, he will be better for the experience.

Unfortunately, Rosco Bennet had a rudder delaminate and Ian Holt had some damage to his new Defector. Ian's boat shows fantastic speed at times, and once he has ironed out a few teething problems, will be really hard to beat. Rosco's boat never really got going today, showing that his rudder was probably going right from the start.

The wash-up from the day saw Glenn Dawson having a comfortable win from Roger Paul and Rob Mews. We would all like to thank Fred Webber for giving up his time so that we could all sail.

Final results:
1 Glenn Dawson Diamond 17pts
2 Roger Paul Diamond 34pts
3 Rob Mews NRW 43.5pts
4 John Goor Aero 3 54pts
5 Ian Sherriff Prizm 56pts
6 Len White Phoenix 95pts
7 Ian Holt Defector 113pts
8 Rosco Bennett Diamond 118pts