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Only one injury was sustained during the nationals recent regatta.

The Spy hears that one wayward skipper had to run (and I mean really run) for his plane to leave 'Mexico". The skipper admitted that there was a fair bit of socialising going on at the regatta but blames the boats' owner for sending him there in the first place.

This Olympic long distance run was completed carrying a well overweight piece of cabin luggage as well.

The run started up in the Qantas club. The first rounding mark was at the left hand set of air-bridges when he discovered that he was at the wrong ones. A quick jibe and an increasingly slower run all the way to the right hand air-bridges where the hunched over puffing athlete duly presented himself at the correct gate. The plane door was closed right behind him and the "smiling faces" welcomed him all the way down to his seat.

During the flight, his right calf muscle started to tighten significantly to a point where the limping figure was last seen hobbling towards the waiting boat owner and his car home.

The Spy thinks that if this happened on the way TO the nationals, it would be a good excuse for only finishing 2nd in the IOMs