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The Spy knows ...

And which most exalted member of the RSAWA committee (and part time electronic guru) doesnt know how to tie a simple knot to keep the rescue dingy at the pontoon at Champion Lakes???

The Spy hears that a sailor boy with a red ten rater believed he could sail at Austin Cove without a keel so he left it behind. Was he thinking it was too shallow or did he forget or was he Justin time for sailing tens but keelless.

On Anzac day at South Perth for the ANZAC cup, which RSAWA President finished sailing and packed his car up – with everything, including the car keys?

Is he the only one in WA too stingy to fork out for RAC fees? 30 minutes later, there was a much relieved boy – he was able to get his man bag out of the car and come and join the rest of us

The Spy hears that a certain member of a NoR club, who has a penchant for restoring bath tubs, was seen sailing a Micro Magic at a lake in Canningvale.

Some of the local kiddies wanted a go, but couldn't wrestle the transmitter away from him!

And which member of the Sandgroper brigade at the Nationals had only one question for the PRO during IOM briefing on Day 1. "What time is lunch?"