Feb 17, 2020

Team WA exploits on the road

They say, "What happens on the road stays on the road"....but you can read all about Team WA's tilt on the ARYA Nationals here...

Simon, Denton and Glenn took off on the long haul early on Wednesday morning, hitting the road at 3.30am - half an hour late. (Blame Glenn). Nevertheless, we hit Norseman about noon and on track to get as far as Mundrabilla for the first night after 1370km.


Well, Mundrabilla would have to be one of the more salubrious establishments on the Nullabour! Describing the bathroom, one was heard to exclaim "Watch out for the cooties coming out of the wall". The bloke behind the bar told us he had the coldest beer for miles around! But the steak sandwich was passable. We got in about 7pm and took off again early the next morning headed further east.


On day 2, we had the best conditions you could hope for on the road...hardly any traffic (we got passed by two cars and we passed two trucks), no wildlife, overcast skys with about 24 degrees maximum. However, we did get one insect splat on the screen whilst a truck was hurtling by on the other side of the road. The wind blast was so strong that the little critter just rolled up the screen and that was it.

Night two and we had covered 1250km, whilst losing 2.5 hours on the clock. We finished up in Port Wakefield, which is about 100km north of Adelaide. The accommodation was somewhat more upmarket (which wasn't hard).

Day three, and we hit the road early to get through Adelaide before the traffic built up too much. We made it through town by about 7.30am and travelled south to the border with Victoria. Until then, the weather had been fantastic. Welcome to Victoria they said, as the skys turned black and the wind started to blow. The roads deteriorated so that we were rocking and rolling along.

rain in vic

Pretty soon after, the clouds opened, and the rain bucketed down. It rained and rained. Gradually we made our way up to Yarawonga and made it to the digs.

The next day, we settled in, got the shopping done, sorted out the boats and went for a practice sail. You wouldn't believe it - they have Black Swans over here, and you all know what they do - pluck up the weed, nibble off the end and leave the rest to float away! Dammit! So far, the clubhouse leader for the longest lump of weed goes to Scott COndie, who managed to pull a 5 meter length off his fin!

Team Wa

The regatta has gone OK so far. Day one wasn't our best showing, although Simon managed to cover Team WA in glory with a start to finish win in the first race of the regatta. Happy days! The wind was pretty shifty, but it had a decent weight behind it. Simon carried his A rig, whereas many others were in B. However, as the day progressed, the wind lightened off. However the chop didn't let up at all, so the boats were hobby horsing all over the place.

Day two, and the wind was out of the same direction. It wasn't as strong as Day 1, and as the day wore on, the wind fell away. We only got two full races and one heat of a third, until the wind fell away all together. Racing was abandoned at 3pm, and an earlier start is planned for tomorrow.

no wind

At the end of the second day, Glenn is sitting in 6th place, SImon in 13th and Denton in 22nd, although he has managed a start in the A fleet first thing tomorrow morning, which is a pretty good achievement. The final day of the Tens is tomorrow, then a lay day and the Ms start on whatever the day after that is. (You can tell we are in holiday mode.)

Full results can be found at the ARYA Nationals Website here: http://www.aryanationals.com/index.php?page=2020-10r-results


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