May 21, 2020

RSAWA Annual General Meeting 2020

Despite Covid-19 restrictions on gathering, requirements for social distancing and the like, RSAWA took the technology route to hold our Annual General Meeting for 2020...

Seventeen representatives hooked into a Zoom conference, and we managed to fulfil our statutory requirements for the AGM for the year. The meeting opened at 7.35pm. Our members from around the State were able to "attend" and it was good to see Ian Hebiton, Geoff Oliver, Bruce Robson and Ossie Carter, who would not normally be able to attend these events.

Highlights from the meeting were as follows:

The RSAWA Annual Subscriptions were set at $10 for the 2020/21 financial year. The impact of the coronavirus on radio sailing activities is not clear at this point, so we wanted to set a fee which encourages our members to remain involved with the Association.

We welcomed two new members to the Association last night.

The Geograph Radio Yacht Club abd the Dunsborough Bay Yacht Club have formed an amalgamation to further radio sailing in the Busselton area. We welcomed Dunsborough Bay to RSAWA and look forward to travelling down there for a weekend to visit both DBYC as well as our other recent new member, the RC Sailing Busselton guys.

The other new club joining the Association is the Austin Lakes Radio Sailors. A group of guys have formed a club based at Austin Lakes. They meet mid-week (Wednesday) and sail DF65 and IOM classes. The formation of a club at Austin Lakes has been a work in progress for a while, and it is great to see regular sailing at one of our best venues.

The RSAWA banking and finance systems have undergone renewal this year. Our new treasurer, Chris Woods has managed the transfer of our banking over to the Bendigo Bank, allowing for online, mobile banking. In addition, our accounting system is now based online and linked to the bank account. Any transactions automatically update our accounts.

A new Committee has been voted in. Denton Roberts, Chris Woods and Roger Paul remain in their positions, and we thank Rob Waller for volunteering to take on the Vice-President role and Peter Buchanan for stepping up to take on the Secretarial role. Ross Bennett has agreed to take on the Events Co-ordinator role for the year. Well done to all the guys for undertaking to keep our terrific Association going.

All our members are reminded that the "membership season" is upon us. Each person is a member of only one PRIMARY club, which pays  their RSAWA subscription. If you are a member of multiple clubs, only pay through one, and have your details submitted by that club.

With Covid 19 restrictions gradually lifting, we are looking forward to getting back to sailing again. Please use common sense when returning to sailing by staying away if you are feeling unwell, being vigilant in maintaining social distancing, making sure you only handle items which you are entitled to handle, and keeping all your mates in line!