May 29, 2020

WA Marblehead Fleet Growth

WA's Marblehead fleet growth is underway with the first of a number of new boats being delivered.

20200529_buzza_mBarry Donaher recently took delivery of the first of the Red Ant Radio Yacht F6 design boats being delivered to Perth and took the opportunity to christen the boat last weekend with a fine drop of bourbon after a successful launch.

Glenn Dawson has taken delivery of the next of the F6's and plans to launch his boat in the coming weeks while up to a further three additional boats are due to arrive over the coming months.

The influx of new boats has also created a good second hand market with a couple of local boats now for sale providing a superb opportunity for someone to join the class with a low cost entry point.

The increase in numbers of the Marblehead see's the class well established in WA and will see a 2020 State Championship scheduled for later in the year.

To support the increased demand for sailing, both Maylands Yacht Club & Champion Lakes Boating Club have modified their sailing calendars to provide a comprehensive sailing schedule for both the Marblehead & Ten Rater classes seeing an almost weekly scheduled event for both classes.

While the return of the Marblehead in WA has been relatively quick, WA sailors have established their position at the top of the class at a national level, with the recent Australian Championship won by Champion Lakes sailor Sean Wallis, who only picked up his boat four days prior to the championship at Yarrawonga, Victoria in February.

WA is not the only state experiencing growth with new boats being delivered across the country and with the next Australian Championship to be held in Perth in 2021, now is the time to join the class!