Jul 20, 2020

A Sign Of Things To Come

The DF95 Shootout! held on 19 July at Austin Lakes saw a forecast of southeasters at 0 to 3 knots and that was what we got, more often closer to the zero than the three and from a range of directions either side of SE. PRO Warren Rock and his able course-setter Graeme Colmer set 2 sets of top marks and allowed the racing to go ahead without too many pauses for mark-shifting.

20200720_df1A small fleet of DF 95s hit the water, making up in quality what it lacked in numbers. The current and former state champions in the class were there, with other local senior sailors from a range of clubs, and a newbie who carries a bit of silverware from other classes dropped by. Nick Jerwood, a  recent and double world champion in Flying 15s and Viper 640s, brought down his recently assembled DF 95 and hit the water running.

By the time the PRO called time on the regatta due to lack of wind after 10 races, old fox and current State Champion Ian Sherriff held sway with 3 wins and 5 2nds, while Nick, in his first serious regatta in the class, won 4 races and came 2nd twice, to make it a convincing 1,2, while the rest of us struggled to consistently find the wind, such as it was, as well as they did. Lloyd Coles took 3rd on a countback from Bruce Robins.

Time will tell if Nick’s obvious skill will fully translate to the little boats, assuming he has the time and interest to focus on DF sailing, but from what we saw on Sunday, IOM sailors had better worry about whether Nick discovers them too.

While the conditions on the day were difficult for DF 95s, it was a pleasant regatta run in good spirit by all the sailors and Ian Sherriff was a deserving winner.

Author: Bruce Robins


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PosName/ClubSail No.NettTotal
AUS 5613.024.0
AUS 88218.030.0
3COLES, Lloyd
AUS 4628.040.0
4ROBINS, Bruce
AUS 9128.041.0
5ABERLE, Chris
AUS 7630.043.0
6DONKIN, Andrew
AUS 51431.044.0
AUS 9849.065.0

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