May 29, 2024

Western Australian Classifieds

A new section has been set up on the RSAWA website to allow RSAWA members to advertise their boats locally. In addition to searching advertisements on the National site, WA skippers can look more locally to buy and sell their boats.

RSAWA now has a 'WA Classifieds' page under the Information tab on the RSAWA Website.

To submit advertisements, please forward the details o your boat and one image to

We believe that by having a classifieds section for WA members, among the many benefits this should bring is the opportunity to keep our local boats here in our state, and making it worthwhile for RC boats of any value to be advised due to the expense and time involved in postage being all but eliminated. 

The end result should be that with more boats available for purchase through this local classified section, prospective new members could get straight on the water, through having the opportunity to purchase a ready to sail boat, rather than be put off by the years of waiting for a new one to be built, and often at a greatly reduced price, and following that, all WA clubs could benefit with greater numbers in their fleets.

When purchasing a boat, there is nothing quite like going and having a look. Naturally, purchasing a boat from the Eastern States doesn't allow you to do that (easily!). We hope this makes for a better buying / selling experience.

Advertising in the WA Classifieds is provided as a service to RSAWA members. RSAWA will not accept any responsibility, nor be involved in any dispute in relation to the sale & purchase of items on this site.