Jul 2, 2021

Looking for a "retired" Radio Controlled Boat for training

Do you happen to have an old Radio controlled boat that you would be willing to provide for a training program? The S80 class, through Royal Perth Yacht Club and South of Perh Yacht Club run a Sailor Development program designed to enhance the skills of people coming out of the "Learn to Sail" programs.

The Program is designed to meet people as they graduate from the Club's learn-to-sail courses, and provide them with the skills and more knowledge to move into regular sailing on racing boats. We have graduates of the Program spread through every class fleet at RPYC. The Club is most supportive because it brings many new members.

Tony Strickland is the lead coach in organising and delivering these programs.

He is looking for a "retired" model to use as a desktop training aid, to demonstrate how sails work and how to trim them. He has seen this done on video, and it seems very effective. 

Tony's email address is patton@iinet.net.au and phone is 0400 504 144.

Anyone willing and able to assist, could you please get in contact with Tony. Thank you.