Sep 28, 2021

2021 DF65 Western Australian State Championships

The 2021 Western Australian DF65 State Championships were held at Austin Lakes in South Yunderup on Saturday 25 September 2021. The day was forecast to be sunny and warm, which turned out to be right on the money.

Austin Lake was the perfect venue for todays DF65 Dragonforce Radio Sailing boats.

We had 15 boats enter but only 13 actually raced but this allowed us to hold a single fleet all day which was awesome as we got through 16 races.

The racing was very well managed by Roger Paul as our PRO, who thankfully stepped in just two weeks ago to assist. Thank you yet again Roger.

Conditions were forecast to be 8 - 12 knots from the East and this suits Austin Lake as the breezes are usually consistent and similar for the full length of the course.

Unfortunately it did vary during the day with periods where it was flukey and changeable in direction but this allowed the sailors who could pick these changes to work to the front. We used the small jetty to launch boats and sailed a course along the southern end of the freshwater lake.

There were 5 clubs represented today from Albany up to Emu Lakes in Northern Perth and we know there are several new clubs hoping to join the class in future years.

DF65 boats are a single class boat so the boat, sails and the rigging are all the same. As a result the skill of the skipper in setting up his sails and also his race craft on the water determine how he finishes in races.  


Our Winner today from the Albany Radio Sailing Club was Geoffery Oliver who was a class above the fleet winning 11 of the 16 races sailed. He showed us just how to be in the right spot to win the starts and then how to let the boat glide away to be first at the top mark in most races. The next podium positions were swapped by the next five boats however credit for consistency goes to Ron Viney who in the end takes second place. Third goes to Andrew Donkin .

The trophies presented to winners were hand made wooden Cheese boards that were donated by Ian and Hazel Micklejohn and family. We thank them for their generosity.

Ian also assisted Roger all day doing the scrubbing as boats crossed the finish line.

Lastly, we thank the committee that worked to get this event to Austin Lake here in South Yunderup and for all their preparation, and in particular, Andrew Donkin for his contribution.

DF65 State Winners 2021



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PosNameSail No.NettTotal
1Geoffrey Oliver AUS 42115.029.0
2Ron Viney AUS 7435.063.2
3Andrew Donkin AUS 11441.067.0
4Adam Viney AUS 74146.273.2
5Wayne Colman AUS 3857.085.0
6Bruce Robins AUS 5163.090.0
7Kim Swarbrick AUS 2583.0121.0
8David Syme AUS 59589.0119.0
9Keith Morris AUS 32100.0139.0
10Allan Pride AUS 747111.0147.0
11Dave Woodcock AUS 85128.0166.0
12Jack Howe AUS 127131.0170.0
13Steve Lee AUS 42141.0181.0