Oct 3, 2022

2022 Western Australian DF95 State Championship

Sunday 1 October was the date for the WA DF95 State Championship sailed on Austin Lakes in South Yunderup. A fantastic day's racing closed out a great weekend of DF class racing.

Today was far more challenging than the DF65 race day.

We had a strong 5 to 18knot southeast wind that swirled around the trees and across the lake.

The DF95 is usually quite stable and can fly down wind but today we had multiple boats just knocked tail over nose and then laid out flat. Recovery was difficult for even the best of our skippers. The fleet changed sails many times and as is usual the wind strength would change just after you have made your decision.

We had 15 boats race today which is a perfect full fleet, there should have been clear winners to rise to the top and indeed two names did rise but it took most of the day to find a winner. In total there were 6 different race winners today which shows just how tight it was at the head of the pack. Results to follow.

WA DF CLubs were well represented with skippers from Albany (5), Austin Lake (5), Perth (2), Harrington (1), Champion Lake (1). It was good to see the Albany boys come up again this year.

We would like to Thank our PRO for the day Glenn Dawson. Given the conditions there were multiple accidental contacts and some friendly tie up connections that needed rescuing as there was no chance of recovery on their own. This did lead to a few protests that Glenn handled extremely well and we only needed the protest committee once. We all learnt alot from his clear instructions and calls.

Thank you to the volunteers on the day, Dave Woodcock, Ian Meiklejohn and Terry Priest for supporting Glen and making the day run smoothly. A special thank you to the Meiklejohn family and Chain Gate Woodwork for the magnificent trophies presented on the day. We also found the Perpetual DF95 Championship Shield which needs updating as it has been in storage for a few years, it was also presented to the winner.

Lastly we had lots of visitors come down and watch the event which was gold for our sport. The DF classes are growing very quickly and a spectacle like today helps foster interest that will spread quickly. Well done to all that participated in the last two days.

Our winner today sailed very consistently and for the most part evaded and action behind him so deserves the top spot. For the third year in a row we congratulate Andrew Grist (Albany RSC) WA State DF95 Champion. In second place was the very fast Geoffery Oliver (Albany RSC) followed closely behind by an unlucky Ian Sherriff who led many races but was a magnet for boats coming the other way apparently. Well sailed by all the fleet.

2022 DF95 podium


Click here for detailed results
PosName/ClubSail No.TotalNett
1Andrew Grist
Albany RSC (WA)
AUS 5156.032.0
2Geoffrey Oliver
Albany RSC (WA)
AUS 42157.633.6
3Ian Sherriff
Champion Lakes (WA)
AUS 8975.736.7
4Andrew Donkin
Austin Lakes RS (WA)
AUS 51480.051.0
5Bruce Robins
Perth RSC (WA)
AUS 9188.554.5
6Peter Bolt
Albany RSC (WA)
AUS 818104.061.0
7Grant Turnbull
Albany RSC (WA)
AUS 338106.067.0
8David Odlum
Perth RSC (WA)
AUS 545146.0105.0
9Les Brown
Albany RSC (WA)
AUS 652142.0105.0
10Kim Klaka
Wanderers RSC (WA)
AUS 62152.0106.0
11Brian Schneider
Albany RSC (WA)
AUS 281145.0108.0
12Chris Aberle
Harrington Waters RS (WA)
AUS 76151.0115.0
13Kevin Mathews
Austin Lakes RS (WA)
AUS 92197.0154.0
14Dave Carroll
0 79206.0158.0
15Ron Viney
Wanderers RSC (WA)
AUS 814219.0171.0