Boat Registration

How do register my NEW boat – a boat which has not been previously registered?

  You must be a financial member of a club affiliated with ARYA
  Registration with ARYA is required only for IOM, Ten Rater, A Class and Marblehead classes. Dragonflight and Dragonforce   boats are issued their registration numbers at purchase.
  You must contact your club measurer to obtain a registration number.
  Once you receive your number, you have 6 months to complete your boat and present it for measurement.
  The registration number must be marked in a clearly visible location inside the hull by painting, engraving, bonding or moulding in. The number must also be visible on the outside of the hull in letters of at least 20mm height.
  The last 2 digits of the registration number become the sail number. So AUS2013 will carry “13” on the sails.
  When the measurement forms are completed and signed, the forms can be submitted to the ARYA registrar along with a registration fee of $10.
  If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact your Club Measurer or State Registrar.

All Australian registered numbers have the prefix AUS. It is a requirement that all boats are issued, and carry the correct registration number as described above.

No boat shall be eligible for racing if the measurement forms and the registration fee has not been received and recorded by the Registrar.

Members should always be prepared to present their boat’s Registration Certificate, (IOM and M), plus rating calculation form, (A Class) and Sail Forms 1, 2 and Spar (10R) when attending Regional, State or National events.

Registration numbers for all classes are allocated in ascending order and once a number has been registered, it cannot be deleted or reused on another hull.

How do I register my newly purchased second hand boat?

If you have purchased a second hand boat you must transfer the registration of the boat into your name immediately.

Owners of registered boats, upon selling their boat, shall supply the Registration Certificate to the purchaser and should advise them of the need to transfer the registration into their name.

There is no requirement for the boat to be re-measured.

Registration & transfer of boats can be completed online at the ARYA website 

Registration fees are payable as follows:
Transfer of registration $10.00 
Copy of Measurement Certificate $ 5.00

If a boat requires re-measurement, there is a fee of $10 This might be for a significant change in the make up of a boat - eg, different keel weight in a Ten Rater.

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