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WA Dragon Flight 95 - Down-South Margaret River Showcase.

12 DF95 skippers from Albany, Austin Lakes and Wanderers Radio Sailing clubs, with at least as many supporters, headed to Margaret River for an outstanding weekend of sailing and socializing. Even the weather cooperated (sort of), with the rain holding off.

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How to determine if your LiPo batteries are safe

Reproduced from the Hobby King website: www.hobbyking.com

The most common questions regarding LiPo batteries are: “Is my LiPo battery safe to use?”, “How do I know if my LiPos are damaged beyond repair?”, and “How long will my LiPo batteries last?” 

All these questions have the same underlying theme: safety. Today, we will take a deep dive into the chemical properties of LiPos and learn how to spot a perfectly functioning LiPo, from a faulty one.

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Rosco take out the Australian Marblehead Championship - bridesmaid no more.

After a long run of being resigned to the bridesmaid dress at a few Australian Championships, Rosco Bennett has broken through to take out the Australian Marblehead Championships in a fantastic event at Champion Lakes in Perth.


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Austin Lakes Interclub Regatta - 15 October 2022

Austin Lakes turned on the sunshine and a steady west south wester for most of today.

As usual there were tree effects and the odd gust from nowhere but the course selected was suited for most of the afternoon.


There were 16 skippers that came down and raced which was an awesome effort and we thank you all for coming.

As you can see by the results there was a good mix of experienced guys and quite a few newer skippers who did a great job keeping up.

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2022 Western Australian DF95 State Championship

Sunday 1 October was the date for the WA DF95 State Championship sailed on Austin Lakes in South Yunderup. A fantastic day's racing closed out a great weekend of DF class racing.

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Western Australian DF65 class championships

The 2022 Western Australian DF65 State Championships were held at Austin Lakes on Saturday 30 September 2022. Congratulations go to all the participants and thanks go to all the volunteers who made this quite a day!

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How to charge your LiPo batteries safely

Credit: Hobby King website: www.hobbyking.com

Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries have undeniably surpassed all their predecessors. However, they do come with one drawback: safety. As they can catch fire or even explode, extra care and discipline are needed when dealing with LiPos. When used responsibly, the risk and magnitude of an accident are greatly reduced.

Here is a simple guide on how to safely charge your LiPos.

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DF95s and a bottle of wine in Margaret River

Wanderers Radio Sailing Club are hosting a weekend of DF95 sailing and a bit of socialising down in Margaret River in November.

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Bullets Shared at WA DF65 Interclub Shootout!

Eight different winners from twelve races sailed saw a competitive fleet at Austin Lakes on 30 April for the WA DF65 Interclub Shootout!

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Sean Wallis Back to Back Australian IOM Titles

Champion Lakes sailor Sean Wallis has successfully defended both the IOM South Australian State Championship and IOM Australian Championship at Harts Mill, Adelaide.

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